Carl Ludwig Weidert III
January 25, 1943 — July 29, 2018
  Carl Weidert

Carl's Resting Place
Ogburn Inwood Cemetery, Shingletown, CA 96088
(Look for green "Cemetery" sign on Hwy 44)

Passage to the Head of the Line
Amid smiles and pain into the world you came.
The first day on your journey to the head of the line.
Early years carefree and fun, learning when everything is new.
Too young to recognize the first step to the head of the line.
When the last great great grandparent or great grandparent dies.
Into the early school years when the next step is taken.
When the first grandparent dies and the mystery of death is seen.
And grieving parents try to explain the loss as we all do
Onto the age of the middle school years as life's complications begin
When the mysteries of the opposite sex confuse and confound
Too busy and self-absorbed to notice a grandparent's increasing frailties
Then into high school when expectations are increased and choices made
The first steady girl or boy friend, driver's license and job.
A grandparent enters the hospital and is told of some life-ending disease
Given treatments and the expected time of life remaining
A time when you will move a step closer to the head of the line.
Onward you go to college or job, marriage and children, a new home
Making mistakes and learning from them along the way
Years of hard work raising children and building your career
When slowly or suddenly the last grandparent dies
Leaving you only one step away from the head of the line.
Children grow faster and parents age quicker each year
A parent turns suddenly ill reminding you of memories of earlier years
Children marry and begin their careers and soon you are a grand parent
One parent dies and you in pain are only a half step to the head of the line.
A time of reflection and pondering on the choices that were made
Fast or slow the last parent dies, as you in grief reach the head of the line
The time when you realize that they have taken secrets to the grave
And now you ask if you have the wisdom to make a difference
Until you relinquish your place at the head of the line.
Carl Weidert 2001